Instro Precision Delivers Digital Video Capabilities in Pan and Tilt Platforms for Observation and Surveillance

DSEI (Defence and Security Event), viagra generic London, September 2013 – Instro Precision Ltd have introduced, the D1 Motorised Pan and Tilt, the entry level member of its D-Series family of motorised Pan and Tilts.

With sub-milliradian pointing accuracy and repeatability, D1 has been designed to meet the demands of long range observation with HD day cameras and high resolution thermal imagers.  It’s payload capacity of 20Kg (up to 44Lbs), makes the D1 an excellent match for a range of camera configurations including larger state-of-the art, long range sensors.  Available with a choice of top mounted or pannier style payload configurations, the D1 gives OEMs and integrators significant flexibility when configuring multi-sensor payloads.

As the entry level member of the D-Series family of Pan and Tilts, the D1 features a 1000Base-T Ethernet payload connection for streaming High Definition digital video, which is increasingly a feature of latest surveillance cameras.

An excellent match for battery operated dismounted applications

The D1 implements a cost effective geared architecture which supports precision slow running down to 0.0056 Deg/Sec with agility of up to 50 Deg/Sec to address a wide range of surveillance applications.  This architecture also has the benefit of high holding torque which minimises power draw when idle.   With a mass of  less than 4.5 Kg (under 10lbs) and its high payload capacity, the D1 covers the full spectrum of man portable observation missions from compact hand-held uncooled sensors weighing a few Kg up to state of the art long focal length Electro Optics weighing 14Kg or more.

The High End Surveillance market is moving to digital

“We are pleased to add D1 to our Pan and Tilt range” said Bob Adams, Managing Director of Instro, “The transition to digital HD formats has been rapid in commercial CCTV surveillance applications and we see this trend starting to impact our higher end border surveillance and industrial customers, where streaming HD formats are starting to displace analogue video.   Introducing the new D-Series with features needed for digital video is a natural response.”

“We have been pleased with initial customer feedback to D1, as it fills a much needed capability gap for high end cameras and thermal imagers.  With Gigabit payload connectivity, the D1 also enables our customers to gain full advantage of cameras which feature high resolution digital video”

D1 is available in sample quantities during Q4 2013 with full production available in 2Q14.  Pricing for base configurations of D1 starts at less than £5000.

About Instro Precision Ltd
Instro Precision designs and supplies rugged, precise equipment to control sensor line of sight for dismounted target acquisition and long range observation of borders or critical infrastructure. 

Instro’s Surveillance and Sensors product division specialises in motorised Pan and Tilt platforms for medium to large Electro Optic suites requiring excellent accuracy and repeatability of line of sight.  Operated in all extremes of environment, Instro Precision’s Pan and Tilts are complemented with options for gyro stabilisation, built-in auto tracking and digital image stabilisation

Through is Target Acquisition Division, Instro supplies state of the art solutions for far target location by integrating EO Sensors, North Finders, Goniometers, Tripod Technologies and Remote control systems used by Forward Observers and Reconnaissance teams.

Instro’s products are fielded in more than 50 Countries and in service in Jungle, Arctic, Desert and Naval applications.

More information is available at

Instro Contact:

Mike Casey – Sales and Marketing Director

Instro Precision Limited
Tel: +44 (0)1843 604455

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September 10, 2013


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